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Vested Interest Trading

Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading sources its products ethically and uses

With mass manufacturing higher than ever before, the incredibly high costs of exporting goods from Indonesia make it more difficult and harder for local artisans to sustain themselves

Products like jewelry and textiles that are being exported to Western countries that used to provide an adequate income for the people are now being manufactured and exported cheaper Due to this, the quality of life, as well as the preservation of the Balinese culture are supported by

Fair Trade is an international social movement that allows producers in developing countries to have better working and trading This is done by improving social and environmental standards in the workplace as well as promoting sustainable agriculture The Fair Trade movement focuses on the products that are generally exported from developing countries to developed

What is the reason

Fair Trade, especially in Bali is the main goal to empower and help Fair Trade’s rules guarantee the right to a decent living wage, providing employees opportunity for advancement and support in a safe working environment, implementing eco-friendly practices, being open to public accountability, and creating long-term trade relations

Fair Trade vendors are the most reliable

You are helping to create of new opportunities for economically disadvantaged Fair Trade organization is dedicated to reducing poverty and sustainable growth and development for the local population

You are supporting the ongoing efforts to ensure gender equality and equal opportunities Fair Trade vendors place a lot of focus on ensuring that women’s efforts are respected and appreciated than those of men

You can contribute to the elimination of the abuse of children and Fair Trade companies always provide safe and healthy working environments for their employees

When you purchase Fair Trade products, you are a part of an exchange that acts from a position of deep reverence and respect for old cultural traditions and Fair Trade helps producers to increase their knowledge of their local communities to preserve and protect their culture

You agree to pay an amount that is fair This is accomplished through dialogue and participation of It is designed to cover not only the costs of production but to enable artisans to engage in a production system that is fair to all and sustainable

Fair Trade vendors are able to ensure timely payment to their suppliers and when feasible, assist producers with access to pre-production financing

You are committed to the protection and use of the land for the next generation Fair Trade vendors are taught how to sustainably manage their local resources Vendors are very close to their producers They choose high biodiversity areas whenever they can to create products that don’t harm landscape but rather enhance it

You can participate in an international conversation and revolution of Fair Trade practices are designed to encourage cross-cultural understanding between communities and consumers from the world’s developing countries

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Business Name:

Vested Interest Trading


1407 Main St N
Callander Ontario P0H 1H0



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